EXCLUSIVE: Tom Root on Patrick’s Journey as A Squire in ‘Crossing Swords’

Co-creator Tom Root has plenty of ideas as to where to take Patrick in future seasons of Crossing Swords but nothing is decided.

It’s rare for adult animated comedies to put in the work to develop their characters, but it’s not all that uncommon. Crossing Swords is one of those shows that tries to fully develop all of its characters. However, it’s the protagonist, Patrick, that really gets the most development in both seasons of the show. 

In an exclusive interview with Tom Root, one of the creators of Crossing Swords, we talked about developing Patrick’s story for the series. As far as Root sees it, Patrick has a couple of paths as far as his story goes, either he’s going to become the hero or he’s going to become the greatest villain. As it stands, Patrick’s journey is still being written.

“Well, he’s going down the path he needs to go down because he’s still learning. He found out in Season 1 that being a Knight and chasing this dream would mean that he’s gonna have to make a lot of compromise, and in Season 2, he’s gonna find out just how far those compromises are gonna push him. Like, we think that he is going to find a breaking point down the road, and he’s either going to have to figure out a way to become a hero without compromise, or he’s going to snap and become the greatest villain in the entire land. We haven’t written that part yet.

Tom Root

Root’s tease of Patrick possibly traveling down a much darker path in the future would be an interesting development in the series. Since Season 1, Patrick has been the stereotypical boy scout, who tries to be the best he can be in his own occupation. Even Seth Green agrees that Patrick traveling down a darker path wouldn’t be an unwelcome surprise.

I mean evil Patrick, or Patrick breaking bad, thats not necessarily the worst pitch

Seth Green

Season 2 of Crossing Swords is streaming now on Hulu. The series was created by Tom Root and John Harvatine IV, with Seth Green serving as an executive producer.

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