Tom Holland Already Pitched a ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ Sequel

no way home sequel

Spider-Man: No Way Home is just around the corner and we’re about to see the webhead’s biggest story yet. He’s going to face villains from other Spider-Man franchises as the multiverse collapses in on itself. Yet, the question also remains with his identity out there where his story is heading to next. It seems that Tom Holland might have an idea, as he revealed in an interview with Fandom that he actually already pitched an idea for the next entry, but he can’t reveal it quite yet, as he’d “be ruining this movie.”

So, he’s definitely teasing something that builds off of the events from how No Way Home ends. He does highlight that he is open to passing the mantle on, but it doesn’t seem likely that the actor has played Spidey for the last time. Plus, there’s a lot of potential of seeing his story as he moves to college and faces a new world. We’ll see how Doctor Strange’s actions might leave the world and what it means for the webhead’s future. It wouldn’t be too surprising that he might take a break and play on his storyline from Homecoming, where he wants to stay low and remain the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Here’s hoping that a new trilogy – if they attempt it – might focus more on our favorite webhead as he struggles with some more grounded storylines.

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