First Look At John Wesley Ship in ‘Stargirl’ Season 2

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Right off the bat, Stargirl threw us into a fight between the Justice Society of America and the Injustice Society of America. It left us with the question if we’d seen the last of the golden age heroes. The series would continue to explore a new generation of heroes, led by Courtney Whitmore. She picked up the cosmic staff in order and assembled a new JSA to defeat the ISA.

While brief flashbacks would give us glimpses at the heroes of the JSA in action, we’d never really see them in their prime. The second season of Stargirl seems to be giving fans a glimpse into the past with episode nine set to feature the return of not just the JSA, but Jay Garrick. It was announced a while back the John Wesley Ship would be reprising his role as Jay Garrick for the series sophomore season.

Ship is best known for portraying Barry Allen back in the 90s during the original Flash series. He would later play Henry Allen on CW’s The Flash, picking up the role of Jay Garrick of Earth-3 shortly after. This time around Garrick will be from Earth-2 following the events of Crisis on Infinite Earths in which the multiverse got a reboot. It lead to Earth-2 getting reshaped into the home of Stargirl and the JSA. The upcoming episode may tie into the overarching threat that is Eclipso and how he ended up imprisoned in the black diamond.

Source: EW via Twitter

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