Latest ‘Marvel’s Avengers’ Dev Stream Offer Further Details on Champions System and Upcoming Event

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Crystal Dynamics has offered some details on the upcoming updates in the latest Marvel’s Avengers dev stream. A few days ago, we got our first details on the next part of the Red Room Takeover event alongside the new Champion system.

  • Next week’s patch 1.7 will feature various fixes, such as Hulk’s Tropical outfit, Hawkeye’s Counter-Earth mask, and Black Widow’s Outrider. Mega Hives are still being worked on.
  • Red Room Takeover is built on a storyline that was teased in the Rooskaya Protocols. The event will include five unique HARM Rooms that will challenge your actions. The layouts will be unique and mix up the gameplay in single-player missions. You can die instantly if you fall into the techno lava pits but the same goes for your enemies. It’ll kick off their focus on offering more challenging gameplay that will continue with the Omega-Level Threats. They also want to use these opportunities to offer new content and learn as they work on bigger drops.

  • It’ll add new Mission Chains that reward gear, polychoron, animated nameplates, and XP bonuses to push the Champion system. Once you reach Level 50, all the XP you collect will be used for Champion XP, which will be gold on your nameplate. It’ll be made available as of Tuesday with the latest patch. In total, you can reach up to Level 372 as each level increases. The long-tail system provides players unique customization per character, which is why it is unique per character. Once you invest a Champion Skill Point you cannot retract it.
  • The addition of new consumables in the form of Hero’s Catalyst will add new options for players. The first will upgrade XP gain and will be made available for free with plans to make them earnable in-game.

They teased that the Champions system might be the foundation for future additions. Gear 2.0 was teased throughout various dev streams to offer more customization. It’ll be interesting to see how the game continues to grow with further updates.

Source: Twitch, Twitter

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