More ‘The Last of Us’ Set Photos Find Their Way Online

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HBO is building the apocalypse, as new set photos have found their way online from their upcoming adaptation of The Last Of Us. The popular gaming franchise is making the big leap to live-action, as we once again follow Joel and Ellie on their adventure to give humanity a last bit of hope. We recently got some set photos teasing the post-apocalyptic city that they’ll have to climb through. It looks like production is still busy, as more images have found their way online.

The images don’t offer too many new details, but it does give us a better look at how they’re realizing this dark and gritty world. Everything is overgrown and even the cement is covered. The city surrounding these parts is still in top shape, which means they might utilize greenscreen to show its decay rather than build an entire set. It might even serve as the basis for the game’s version of Boston. Here, Joel and Ellie ended up getting lost in a skyscraper which might be where they are heading or escaped from.

It’s always great to see these projects realized in live-action. The base concept is luckily based on reality, which makes it an easier adaptation. Still, the practical effects at work to show the floor breaking apart and how much detail went into showing how these cars have withered away alongside humanity. As they tease a city landscape, it makes you wonder if we’ll see the iconic sequence where they pet a giraffe. Here’s hoping we don’t have to wait too long for a tease of the clickers that inhabit this world.

Source: Instagram via Twitter

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