First Look at Ryan Reynolds in Costume on ‘Deadpool 3’ Set

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Deadpool 3 has been quite busy filming the return of the Merc with a Mouth. While his Marvel Cinematic Universe future remains open, a lot of hints have pointed to it potentially further exploring the Fox Universe one last time as Ryan Reynolds is joined by former X-Men and iconic Wolverine, Hugh Jackman. While there was a random statement that production may have already halted, it seems things are still moving along at a steady pace.

Surprisingly, while we still have to wonder if Wolverine finally gets his iconic yellow costume, Ryan Reynolds has been spotted on set in his Deadpool gear. Surprisingly, his costume seems pretty close to the original only the fabric might be made of some different material. Though, there’s also the chance that the color is simply popping a bit more on set than it would on the big screen.

Either way, it’s great seeing the iconic design back and knowing that Deadpool is on the horizon once again. There’s probably going to be a lot more 4th wall breaking, as the character realizes that he’s on a last hurra though his original universe. There’s a beautiful irony that the way Deadpool 2 ended, opened up for Marvel Studios to jump in and just go with it as a part of their multiverse shenanigans. We’ll see if they can keep the concept fresh after two other superhero properties explored it this year.

Source: Mirror

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