‘Fortnite’ Leaks Reveal Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Green Arrow & More

Looks like the current season is taking skins from all over the multiverse, as recent leaks for Fornite have revealed a variety of new skins joining this season. During the Game Awards, they revealed¬†Halo‘s Master Chief and two characters from The Walking Dead were joining. Many wondered if we would also see more skins from Marvel after they took over the last season. Well, it looks like they weren’t quite done yet, as a group of well-known Fortnite hackers took to Twitter to share a variety of new skins showing off Black Panther, Captain Marvel, and even a comic-accurate Taskmaster.

That is not all, as we also got the reveal for a DC skin based on the popular CW show Arrow will be included in the game based on Stephen Amell‘s iconic rendition. We also get a good look at the entire set, which reveals the character’s iconic punching arrow and a quiver.

Fornite has been turning into a center for pop culture. This season also saw the addition of Kratos and The Mandalorian‘s Din. So, we can expect a lot more appearances throughout this season. Nintendo fans are hoping for the potential addition of Samus Aran from Metroid. She would make complete sense within the wacky Battle Royale world, and it seems there are no limits on who they might include at this point. So, whoever had their fantasy of having Stephen Amell‘s Green Arrow take on Deadpool can do so now. Now that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate announced Sephiroth as their next DLC character, could we see Sora end up on Fornite?

Source: Twitter (BP & CM), Twitter (TM), Twitter (Arrow)

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