Grace Fulton to Replace Michelle Borth as Super-Powered Mary in ‘Shazam: Fury of The Gods’

shazam 2 grace fulton

The first Shazam film took its inspiration from the character’s golden age adventures. It brought the character to life in all his goofy and heroic glory. Towards the end of the film, we saw Billy Batson, powered up as Shazam, struggling to face Doctor Sivana and the Seven Deadly Sins. He couldn’t finish them alone. So, he offered to share the powers with his foster siblings. Upon grabbing the staff and saying the name, audiences got introduced to a whole new roster of heroes.

With Shazam Fury of The Gods, most assumed that all the actors would be returning from the first film. With today’s reveal by director David Sandberg of the family’s brand new costumes, many noticed a new yet familiar face suited up alongside them. As confirmed by Sandberg, actress Grace Fulton, who plays Mary Bromfield in the film, will now be playing both versions of her character, replacing actress Michelle Borth.


No reasoning for this change was given by either Sandberg or Fulton. The recasting wasn’t announced by the studio either. So, it seems like a deliberate little secret to announce alongside the suit reveal. It’s not an unwelcome one, as Fulton‘s bubbly personality is perfect for both roles. She was the closest in age to her powered-up version, which made the casting of another actress a curious decision. This seems to be the only recasting for the film with the rest of the Shazamily returning to play their respective powered-up roles from the first film. We cannot wait to see what she brings to the character.

Source: Twitter, IMDb

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