REPORT: Doctor Strange to Face a Tragic Future in a ‘What If’ Episode

what if doctor strange

We’ve gotten quite a bit of tease regarding Marvel Studios’ next Disney+ series, What If. It’ll be the franchise’s first foray into animation, as it explores beyond the Sacred Timeline and looks at the classic stories from Marvel Cinematic Universe from a new perspective. We heard rumblings of an Erik Killmonger-focused episode that may put the once villain n a more positive light. Now, it seems Illuminerdi continues their streak by also revealing more on a Doctor Strange-centric episode. The first trailers already teased a darker path for the Sorcerer Supreme and they have revealed that his motivations are due to the death of his true love.

Now, he is obsessed with changing the past. There is a good chance that tragic death may involve Christine Palmer, who was his anchor in the original Scott Derrickson film. It also confirms he’ll once again get his hands on the Time Stone through the Eye of Aggomotto, but it’s uncertain if this may also tease the return of Kaecillius, who introduces the once good Doctor to this darker future. We are seeing the return of some classic Marvel Studios villains which could indicate that Mads Mikkelsen may return to tackle the role once again.

The teaser trailer also revealed that another incarnation of the Doctor may find his way into the multiverse. It is uncertain if it may connect to his upcoming sequel or how he ends up trapped in the madness that may get unleashed through Loki. Still, it’ll be interesting to see how the tragedy continues to transform the arrogant yet down-to-earth man into the warped version we see in the upcoming Disney+ series.

Source: Illuminerdi

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