Hasbro Unveils Full HoX/PoX Marvel Legends Wave

Jonathan Hickman kicked off Marvel Comics X-Men renaissance last year with dual series House of X and Powers of X. The books represent a new era for mutants as they have returned to a prominent place at the House of Ideas. Earlier this year, Hasbro teased that some of the designs from the books would be making their way into the 6-inch Marvel Legends line. Today, the entire wave was revealed during a Fan First Friday Livestream. Joining the already teased Professor X, Moira and Magneto will be Cyclops, Jean Grey, Wolverine and the Omega Sentinel. It was also revealed that the wave’s BAF will be a Tri-Sentinel!


Fans of the comics will note that Hasbro has cleverly labeled the boxes in Krakoan, the language created by Hickman for the new run, providing a cool wink-wink to the hardest of hardcore X-book readers.

Pre-orders for the wave are set to go live today at 1:00 PM EST at Hasbro Pulse.

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