Oscar Isaac Set to Play Solid Snake in ‘Metal Gear Solid’ Film

Hot of the tails of his run in a galaxy far far away as the rebel pilot Poe Dameron, Oscar Isaac seems to be filling up his post-Star Wars career and covering all bases. Recently it got announced that Isaac would be playing Moon Knight on the upcoming Disney+ show. Not just that, he will also be starring in the new HBO series Scenes From A Marriage alongside Jessica Chastain. Now, we got the news that Isaac has found his new lead role in an upcoming big-budget film. He will star as Solid Snake in the live-action adaptation of Hideo Kojima’Metal Gear Solid.

The film has been in development for a while now. Jordan Voght-Roberts was the first to join the production as director. The film is produced by Avi Arad and overseen by Peter Kang. Derek Connolly wrote the script for the adaptation. It is uncertain if it got a rewrite since. The casting is a huge deal, as Isaac has been a popular fancast of the role, especially after the actor showed his interest in it. Director Voght-Roberts at one point even commissioned a mock-up of what he’d look like as the character from the popular digital artist BossLogic. It isn’t the first time his artwork predicted a future casting.

The film currently has no release date, and it’s unknown when the project will begin production, especially Isaacs‘s packed schedule and commitments. So, it could be a while before we see him pop out from under a box anytime soon. We also don’t know if it will be an adaptation of a specific storyline from the franchise’s long run. There is a good chance the story will adapt Shadow Moses but integrate aspects from future story arcs. Now, the question is will we see the other two of the Les Enfants Terribles project.

SOURCE: Deadline, Twitter

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