Hawkeye Could be ‘Marvel’s Avengers’ Tracer

Ever get that feeling of déjà-vu? Well, some have that fear with Marvel’s Avengers’ current DLC plans. There have been many reveals to their decision to kick-off their long-term DLC plans with two archers back-to-back. There was the question of how they would make them unique enough to distinguish their playstyles. Well, our first deep dive on Kate Bishop revealed she has a unique ability based on Quantum technology she stole from AIM. It added a great flair and visual design to make her stand-out, but it did open one question, will they do something similar to Hawkeye?


If you haven’t finished Marvel’s Avengers Taking AIM storyline and want to remain spoiler-free, only continue at your own risk.


Hawkeye is pretty much the original archer, so there is no necessity to add any unique abilities. Yet, the Taking AIM storyline ends on a note that may set-up a potential for Clint Barton to stand-out. His return to the game’s main timeline came at a cost, as he suddenly started to distort. We see him shifting what may be between different times after visiting the future, which will be the focus for his DLC. You can even still find him in his bed trying to recover, as we all wait for the DLC to release in early 2021. Until then, we can only speculate which effect the Time Gate has on the ex-Avenger.

There is a chance that Clint might suffer through the effects of his time on the other side of the Time Gate. To save his life, Tony and Bruce might try to develop a way to contain the Tachyon energy that is most likely causing his distortion. It may not just act as a cure, but he might also use it to his advantage. Clint can harness the Tachyon energy to alter time in small doses, such as returning to an earlier point in time similar to Overwatch‘s Tracer. 



It would offer a unique approach to Clint’s repertoire, as Kate is more focused on getting around fast with her Quantum-based abilities. So, to make her former mentor stand out, he is more focused on laying down traps and keeping his distance. The rewind is the perfect opportunity to set an explosive before bowing out and raining down arrows to ensure it takes everyone out. He could even have a unique arrow, which can stop an enemy from being able to move. They get trapped at that moment in time so a group can stack damage before they are unfrozen and receive it all at once. It would be quite a helpful ability when facing challenging bosses, especially Future Imperfect‘s Maestro.

The ability could support a unique build, and it would make sense from a story perspective. The Avengers also have scientist Lyle Getz, who can unwillingly help them develop the technology to harness Tachyon energy. What also supports this theory is that Hawkeye’s iconic darker shade of purple seems to be a similar color to that is used with Tachyon Rifts. It may just be a coincidence, but it is an interesting visual parallel. In a way, Clint is such an established character that he does not necessarily require an energy-based ability of any kind, but the set-up seems too perfect to add that little something special to make him stand-out from his protégé. 

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