‘HAWKEYE’ Searching for Young Echo, Crazy Horse Lincoln and More

Marvel Studios streaming series Hawkeye has made quite a bit of news lately and now it looks like they are ready to start filling some supporting roles ahead of what looks to now be a November start of production.

Most notable among them, the series is searching for an actress, 8 years old, to portray a young version of Maya Lopez, whose addition to the MCU we first reported here and was confirmed just last week. The studio is seeking a deaf, Indigenous girl described as “independent, athletic and bright” which, coincidentally are the same descriptors used for Echo in the original call. Additionally, they are also searching for an Indigenous American to portray “a loving father and fierce protector”, a description that fits the bill for Echo’s father, Crazy Horse Lincoln. In the comics, Lincoln worked for and was killed by Wilson Fisk. As he died, he places his bloody hand on his daughter’s face, creating the look for which Echo is famous.

The series is also casting several recurring roles including an Eastern European henchman, an NYC police detective, an “oddball” that sounds suspiciously like Grills (Clint’s neighbor from the Fraction run), a “smart and scrappy” young, Midwestern woman, a pair of young kids (anyone remember Clint babysitting?) and a “professional and ambitious career woman.”

It’ll be interesting to see how this adaptation of the Fraction run works Maya Lopez’s origin story into it. Could Madame Masque fill the role of Kingpin and be the mob boss that sets her on the path to becoming Echo? While it might not be popular with fans, it’s a fairly easy change to have Madame Masque raise Echo and make her believe Barton was responsible for the death of her father, perhaps during his time as Ronin. We’ll have a bit of a wait to find out as it doesn’t seem like we’ll be seeing Hawkeye until late 2021.

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