‘The Boys’ Pays Tribute to ‘The Batman’ With New Character Posters

the boys

Here’s a cute little gag from the team over at The Boys. As the show heavily deals with a group of normal people taking on corrupted superheroes, the release of The Batman seemed like a perfect time for some cheeky cross-promotion. As such, their marketing team seemingly whipped up a few character posters that are heavily inspired by the DC character’s long history in cinemas. The Female gets the most recent adaptation based on The Batman while Mother’s Milk gets the 1989 treatment. You can check out the clever posters right here:

It’s a clever idea to not only promote the upcoming season but also pay tribute to the recent release. A little disappointed they didn’t do this with other superhero films that have been released since the series started, but perhaps it gave them a taste for the idea and we’ll see more in the future. There’s still no new trailer for the upcoming season, as most of the attention has gone to the animated spinoff Diabolical. That might get some screentime for another few weeks before we get a new look at what’s to come. We’ve already had quite a lot teased with some heavy promotion of new characters. So, we’ll see if Homelander is about to give the spotlight to someone else soon.

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