‘HAWKEYE’ Set Photos Seemingly Reveal the Clown’s Connection to the Tracksuits

There’s been quite a bit of excitement over the Clown (aka Kazimierz Kazimierczak) appearing in Hawkeye ever since casting grids pointed to him being in it last summer. Irish actor Fra Fee snagged the villainous assassin’s role but it appears, at first anyway, he will not be donning iconic white mime makeup, and will actually start off as a member of the Tracksuit Mafia. 

New images from Instagramer @ryleeherself show Fee and Hailee Steinfield on their way to film something, and it’s clear that Fee is wearing a tracksuit, much like the ones Tracksuit Mafia members were seen in other recent Hawkeye set images. 

Via Ryleeherself on Instagram
Via Ryleeherself on Instagram
Via Ryleeherself on Instagram

Fee has also been spotted once or twice before on set, with regular-looking clothes and no clown makeup at all. But for those of you who may be disappointed, I don’t think this means the character will never have the more familiar creepy and ominous look from the Matt Fraction comic run.This might be evidence of more of an origin story for the character first before he turns into a more familiar-looking version of the Clown. 

Christinaatthecastle on TikTok (via Twitter) offered another, better look at Steinfeld and Fee on set:

Fra Fee on Hawkeye set, via christinaatthecastle on TikTok.

A recent Instagram story by Fee revealed a detail that may be part of his costume. The image below was taken in the middle of the night, probably during a night shoot, revealing a skull and cross tattoo on his neck. Previous images of Fee on his Instagram do not show this tattoo at all, and it seems very unlikely he’d be getting one in the middle of filming a big series. So the creepy skull tattoo is probably temporary for the character.

Another Mafia member who was first spotted back in early December appears very likely to be the leader of the Tracksuits, Ivan Banionis. The actor has since been identified as Aleks Paunovic (from the Van Helsing TV series). Numerous images of this tall imposing actor have appeared on Just Jared and Getty, and if you look you’ll notice that there are quite a few tattoos on his character as well. So tattoos and tracksuits definitely seem to go hand in hand for this gang. 

Source: Instagram, Tracksuits on the set of Hawkeye (Just Jared), Aleks Paunovic on set of Hawkeye (Getty)

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