How Disney+ Could Adapt ‘Young Avengers: Children’s Crusade’

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Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is well underway with the premiere of its Disney+ shows. There have been several motifs that have been recurring across the last three Marvel Studios entries. One of these elements is the subtle nods to the next generation of heroes. With the introductions of several characters like Billy and Tommy Maximoff, Elijah Bradley, Kid Loki, Cassie Lang, Riri Williams, Kate Bishop, and America Chavez, all of this leads towards the very likely possibility that the MCU is setting up the introduction of the Young Avengers for Phase 4 or beyond. So, it’s time for a live-action adaptation of The Children’s Crusade storyline.



In the comics, it is a coming-of-age story following House of M. Wanda Maximoff goes missing. So, the Young Avengers set out to find her in an adventure filled with unexpected twists and turns. With the MCU loosely adapting their version of House of M for WandaVision and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, it seems fitting that the follow-up to follow in this saga would be The Children’s Crusade. Especially because it mainly focuses on Billy Kaplan and Thomas Shepherd, the reincarnations of Billy and Tommy Maximoff in the comics. After our brief introduction o them in WandaVision and a potential return in the upcoming Strange sequel, it’s time to follow their story.


How the series would play out


The Disney+ series would be a loose adaptation of the comics. The Young Avengers will be at the forefront of this story. At this point, they’ve already got introduced to another project. However, it will primarily focus on Wiccan and Speed as they search for a deeper understanding of their powers and who they are. Neither one realizes that they’re the other’s twin, but they find it curious that they look similarI’d start the series with Billy and Tommy experiencing what they believe are very vivid nightmares that viewers might recognize. It later turns out that they are memories from their previous lives as the Maximoff twins.

They could have very weird, cryptic dreams similar to how WandaVision used fake commercials to showcase Wanda’s inner turmoil. As such, they would conclude that their dreams are a message to come and find Wanda Maximoff, who I believe will disappear following the events of the Doctor Strange sequel. Fearful of leaving their new friends behind, they ask for their help in this mission, and the team joins them without hesitation in their crusade.



The series will progress with a globe-trotting adventure, as they search for any clue that’ll lead them to Wanda. We’ll get to explore iconic locations linked to Wanda, such as Sokovia, Westview, New York, and many more. The team will eventually find her in a remote location. She has no memories or recollection of her past life as the Scarlet Witch. This, of course, confuses the team, but Billy and Tommy most of all. How could one of the most powerful individuals in the multiverse be reduced to a simple nobody? This is how we introduce the viewers to the antagonist of the series. Someone is pulling the strings all along. It turns out to be Agatha Harkness.


Agatha All Along Again


At one point, Agatha found a way to free herself from the Scarlet Witch’s binds and eventually reunite with the amnesiac Wanda. Taking pity on her, she treats her in a friendly, almost neighborly manner as she tries to search for ways to recuperate her magic from Wanda. This would draw a parallel to their first interaction in WandaVision. Agatha could potentially serve as the plot device to reveal to the team the true nature of Tommy and Billy, the fact they are indeed reincarnations of the Maximoff twins.

The dreams that the twins experienced at the beginning of the series are more than just memories. They’re a manipulation tactic by Agatha to lure the twins. She believed they were the key to regaining her powers but the plan failed. Agatha would be left with no choice but to try and kill the Young Avengers since they know of her plan. The twins face off against the individual responsible for their nightmares and trauma as kids. In the climax of the final battle, Wanda Maximoff regains her memory and aids the team in their battle against Harkness, thus defeating the witch once more and reuniting a family.

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