‘I Am Groot’ Won’t Be a Weekly Release

i am groot weekly

So far, Disney+ has been focusing on a weekly release model unlike its streaming giant counterpart, Netflix. All Marvel Studios series were released on a weekly basis and it looks like they will break that tradition with the upcoming short collection of I Am Groot. It’s following the same structure as other shorts that have was released in the past on the Disney+ service, such as Olaf Presents or Scrat Tales.

The Guardians of the Galaxy spinoff, I Am Groot, will consist of five shorts but there are no exact details on how long each individual episode will be, but as they are titled “shorts” we shouldn’t expect an overarching storyline or long episodes. Also, this isn’t a new thing for the service and isn’t a sign that they are changing the model, as it’s rather common for the service in how they tackle their shorts.

It would be a tall order to tell people to wait weekly for shorts that might not even break the two-minute mark. While it would be great to see them play around with some series being made available to binge, it doesn’t seem like this is their plan for any other series outside of the various shorts that they’ve offered with Pixar, Disney Animation, and now Marvel.

Source: The Direct

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