James Gunn Debunks Major DC Casting Rumor

DC Studios co-chair James Gunn’s social media takedowns of would be scoopers has become the stuff of legend. Many online buzzmeisters, including yours truly, have had their hopes of breaking industry news dashed by Gunn. Now, Gunn has done it again in regards to a recent rumor about a major role in 2026’s The Batman Part II.

Shortly before the news broke that the recently delayed sequel was set to begin production in April 2025, Medium shared “news” that Boyd Holbrook had been cast in the film as Harvey Dent. According to Gunn, there is no truth to that rumored casting, calling it “fake.”

While Holbrook’s potential as Dent would have been intriguing, it’ll fall to someone else to bring the demented DA to life in Matt Reeves‘ Gotham-verse.

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