We May Now Know When ‘The Batman Part II’ Will Finally Begin Production

It’s been two years since Matt Reeves‘ brooding and brutal take on Batman hit big screens across the globe. However, even before The Batman opened in theaters, Reeves confirmed plans for a sequel were already coming together. Though it was made clear by producer Dylan Clark that the studio intended to take their time developing the sequel and that Reeves was going to be busy overseeing other projects set in the Gotham he brought to life, the eagerness of fans to see Robert Pattinson back in action as The World’s Greatest Detective has been tough to satiate.

The wait for the Elseworlds’ sequel got a little longer recently when it was revealed that the writers’ strike had slowed development of the script. In order to give Reeves and co-writer Matt Tomlin time to put the finishing touches on the it, Warner Bros. moved the release date from October 3, 2025 to October 2, 2026. Now a new report from a trusted insider has revealed the a new timeline for the film’s production.

According to Jeff “The In” Sneider, cameras are set to roll on The Batman Part II in April 2025.

Sneider also reported that casting for the project isn’t expected to get underway until this Fall, casting additional doubt on the recent rumor that Boyd Holbrook had signed on to play Harvey Dent. At least fans can look forward to enjoying Colin Farrell‘s return as Oswald Cobblepot in the Max streaming series The Penguin which is set to debut this Fall.

Source: The InSneider

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