James Gunn to Pen New ‘Superman’ Movie, Won’t Star Cavill

James Gunn is penning a new Superman movie, but Henry Cavill will not star in it.

Last week, reports suggested that Warner Bros. Discovery was no longer looking to make Man of Steel 2 with Henry Cavill returning as the Man of Steel. The news came just weeks after the actor excitedly announced his return as Superman on the big screen. Unfortunately, those reports appear to be true. James Gunn, who is now in charge of DC Studios alongside Peter Safran, recently tweeted out that Superman was a priority for DC Studios, but never fully addressed Cavill’s future as the character as plans were still being worked out. Now, it appears the decision has been made to cast a new actor in the role.

The news was announced on Wednesday evening. The latest Superman film will focus on a younger Clark Kent, which led to the decision not to bring back Cavill. Both Gunn and Safran sat down with the actor recently to discuss their decision with him. While he won’t return as Superman anytime soon, they seemingly offered him a potential chance to return to the DC Universe on screen as a different character down the line.

Source: THR.

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