MCU’s Eternals Homeworld Won’t Be Titan But Olympia

eternals titan

We’ve known since the announcement of Eternals that we’re about to see a new group of aliens arrive on Earth. The trailer gave us a tease of their spaceship and when they first arrive, millennia before the Avengers were even a thought. Still, we know very little about their backstory outside of their ongoing war with the Deviants. Looks like a set visit by may have given us an interesting reveal. Marvel Studios producer Nate Moor has unveiled that this group of heroic aliens are from the planet Olympia.

In the past, we see the Eternals, who in our version of the mythology, are immortal aliens from a planet called Olympia. The group has been tasked by the Celestials to come to Earth and eliminate creatures known as Deviants

Nate Moore

This reveal is quite interesting as they are commonly known to live on Titan, the planet we visited in Avengers: Infinity War. Thanos is an Eternal in the comics with the Deviant gene, which made us wonder if he has any connection with the upcoming group. In the trailers, they seemed aware of his existence but not of his potential origin. So, we’ll see if this opens up the possibility of other Eternals and their existence across the galaxy. Plus, the Olympia name is a nice play on the fact that some of the alien races were mixed up with the actual Greek gods. In the comics, Olympia was the name of a city. So, they might’ve given each race their own planet.


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