Margot Robbie is All In to Explore Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy’s Relationship in Live-Action

margot robbie harley quinn

Harley Quinn has gone through many iterations throughout the years and became a cornerstone of DC Comics. It’s quite curious if you consider that she wasn’t originally a character introduced as part of the comics but rather the animated series Batman: The Animated Series. Still, she has seen a big surge in popularity when she was brought to live action by the always incredible Margot Robbie.

In an interview with’s Jamie Jirak, she got the chance to talk about a story line she always wanted to explore in the live-action DC universe and that is Quinn’s romance with Poison Ivy. While it seems there are no exact plans, she’s definitely excited to give that romance a chance eventually in a project.

I have been pushing for that for years, I cannot tell you how hard I’ve pushed for that. I honestly when I picture it, I always picture Poison Ivy in the comics, don’t picture an actress doing it.

Margot Robbie

The fact she only pictures Poison Ivy from the comics is interesting, but perhaps Jirak‘s question inspired her to explore ideas of who might be perfect int he role. With James Gunn having now taken on this new role as the co-head of DC Studios, perhaps we’ll get a chance to explore this romance sooner rather than later.

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