Jennifer Kaytin Robinson Pitched on ‘The Marvels’ Before Landing ‘Love and Thunder’

Before landing ‘Thor: Love and Thunder,’ writer Jennifer Kaytin Robinson originally got a call to pitch for ‘The Marvels.’

With Thor: Love and Thunder now heading into its third weekend, those involved with the fourquel are finally opening up on what it was like behind the scenes. For Jennifer Kaytin Robinson, who saw her big break with MTV’s critically acclaimed Sweet/Vicious, the journey to Thor: Love and Thunder was an interesting one. The writer revealed in an interview with Variety that she’d gone in to pitch for another Marvel Studios film before landing the fourth Thor movie.

“I actually pitched to write ‘Captain Marvel 2,’” Robinson tells Variety. “And off of that pitch, they were like, ‘So we’re not giving you this job. We’re going to pair you with Taika and you’re going to help him on ‘Thor.”’

Of course, Captain Marvel 2, which is now titled The Marvels, ended up being written by WandaVision writer Megan McDonnell. Although Robinson didn’t get to write a Captain Marvel sequel, she was more than happy to adapt the Mighty Thor storyline from the comics. “What an amazing thing to be able to show a superhero with cancer and really not shy away from the ugliness of it and the things that are hard about it, but also really being able for this character to shine,” she explained. “A lot of the conversations were like, “How do we do this justice and how do we put something on screen that’s going to mean something and resonate with cancer survivors?”’

While Love and Thunder has been quite divisive among both fans and critics, Robinson and her co-writer, director Taika Waititi seemed to get along great. The duo worked well together, even with Waititi being known to throw out the script during filming. As Robinson notes, though, despite Waititi’s unusual approach on set, he makes sure to retain the core of the story at all times. “He threw out his own work,” she explained. “We really sat in rooms and Zooms together for months and months and months, and then we would get there, and we would rehearse it, and — “throw it out” is the wrong word. I mean, he does throw it out, but the core is still there. I would say he pluses — he can’t help but always try to plus. I can’t imagine Taika is ever going to write something and be like, “It’s done and we’ll shoot it.”

Thor: Love and Thunder is currently playing in theaters.

Source: Variety.

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