The Hypothetical 2023 Marvel Studios Release Calendar, V4

Once upon a time, this looked like it might be headed for a 2022 release. But with reshoots having to be spread out over several months due to actor availability, it’s clearly not going to be ready. It should, however, be ready to roll out in early 2023 and with principal photography done and finishing touches left to go, expect Secret Invasion to be the first Marvel Studios project of 2023.

This one has bounced around a bit in terms of release date, but it is absolutely the furthest along of the 2023 films. This time around, expect BIG action and stakes as the Ant-family takes on Jonathan Majors‘ Kang and Corey Stoll’s MODOK (who we hear looks absolutely fabulous). Marvel Studios may let the hype train out of the station earlier than normal on this one.

One of at least two animated series headed to Disney Plus in 2023, the X-Men revival already has a ton of buzz around it. Work was being done on the episodes long before anyone knew it existed, so its ten episodes could be ready to roll out on D+ sometime late in the first quarter of 2023.

Currently cruising through production, the Hawkeye spinoff will definitely be ready for a late-Spring/early-Summer release unless the wheels fall off. Not only will this bring Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock and Vincent D’Onofrio‘s Kingpin back, but it’s also set to really explore Native American culture

James Gunn‘s last go-around with the team he made famous in 2014, Vol. 3 has quite the cast and could end up being one of the MCU’s biggest tearjerkers. It’s also going to be full of surprises (will Cosmo have a voice?) and while it’s the end for Gunn and some of the cast, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the end for everyone.

With production well underway in the UK, Loki’s second season will have no problem making it to D+ for the Summer of 2023. Interestingly, it could come out just about 2 years to the day after the first season, which is cool but way too long to wait after that Season 1 cliffhanger!

The Nia DaCosta led sequel to Captain Marvel moved back to mid-Summer and after Carol Danvers’ mid-credit appearance in the Ms. Marvel finale, fans finally have an inkling of what this one is all about. In every way possible, this film is a huge shift from the original and should be an action-packed reinvention of the franchise in the way The Winter Solider was for the MCU’s other Captain.

Production is underway on Ironheart and by the time this one hits Disney Plus, fans will have already gotten to know the lead from her time in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. It looks like this one will also feature The Hood, one of Marvel Comics coolest baddies yet to make the jump to the MCU.

Set to debut in 2023, it would make sense to start the animated series in time for it to play during peak Spooky Season. With a full-length Marvel Studios Animation panel at SDCC, it seems like a first look at this is pretty likely, giving fans an idea of its connectivity to the Zombie reality seen in Season 1 of What If…?.

Blade is finally set to get production underway in September of 2022, giving the studio plenty of time to turn it around for November of 2023. Marvel Studios has been known to slide release dates up a week or so in the past; it would be smart of them to do so here to capitalize on the urge for fans to watch horror films in October.

The project on this list about which the least is known. It is supposed to film in the Fall of 2022 so a late 2023 release date makes sense. However, Marvel Studios production dates are more fluid now than ever, so don’t etch this one into your stone calendar just yet.

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