Kevin Feige Uncertain About Nova’s MCU Future

Kevin Feige gave an update as to how we can expect the Human Rocket to enter the MCU

With the MCU expanding into so many new corners, numerous fan-favorite characters are making their live-action debuts. One character in particular that people are eager to see adapted is Nova. The character first appeared in 1976 and has served as both a protector of Earth and one of the galaxy’s greatest heroes.

The opening of Avengers: Infinity War seemingly set up a possible origin story for Richard Rider, with Thanos decimating Xandar off-screen it in pursuit of the Power Stone. During the press rounds for that film, Kevin Feige teased the “immediate potential” of the character, but over three years later, he’s still yet to be seen. In a recent interview with, Feige was asked if it was more likely we’d see the Human Rocket introduced in his own project or in another film. And as he often does, Feige didn’t give much of an answer:

It’s a good question, it’s a good question. We have plenty, you know it depends…we oftentimes…see Black Panther is a great example! We were always working a Black Panther standalone. The world of Wakanda, how to dive into that. Then the opportunity for him to appear first in Civil War came up. So it always varies.

Kevin Feige

Feige definitely seems to be hinting here that Nova could indeed appear in another project in a smaller, supporting role before eventually spinning off into his own project. With so much focus on Xandar in the Guardians of The Galaxy films, and Vol. 3 currently in production, it feels like it might be the best place for the character to debut.

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