Latest ‘Marvel’s Avengers’ Dev Stream Offers Insight in New Earnable Cosmetics

avengers game earnable cosmetics

We’re only a few weeks away from the latest and probably most important update in Marvel’s Avengers run since it premiered last year in September. The game is getting a complete rework of its gear system, the first Raid, and even the addition of Spider-Man on PlayStation consoles. Yet, it’s not even the end, as we’re also going to get away to earn cosmetics in the game. There was the original option through patterns that didn’t quite work as planned but they revealed a new system that’s quite a bit more promising in the latest developer stream.

The biggest addition is the fact that you can now purchase up to 100 so-called “shipments.” It doesn’t involve real-world money but in-game units that can only be gained by playing the game. Each shipment will be highlighted with a specialty item, which you can gain by either purchasing all 100 available ones within a month time frame (keep in mind that only counts as of the Thursday reset timer), or it may also appear in the shipment you’re interested in buying. For example, they showcased one with a Wakandan Iron Man skin that is unique to the shipment.

Iron Man's Wakandan Stealth Outfit

So, how does it work? The shipments are available directly in your character menu below the loadout. It leads you to the menu where you see the shipment which will always showcase what you’re able to gain when you purchase a shipment. Keep in mind, if you already own the available item you’ll get fragments instead. So, you’re not buying one and leaving empty-handed, as it supports the new gear system.

If you’re wondering about the RNG elements, you’ll always see what you’re getting when you purchase a consumable. You also have the option to scroll through all available cosmetics that you can gain through the 100 shipments that are made available. The bonus aspect is that the Cosmetic Vendor is also making a return with fully stocked cosmetic options. If you’re wondering if they crossover, there is only a 5% overlap between them and it means you’ll have a lot to gain with your options.

There’s more, as you’ll also get a few incentives to earn them through playing the game, such as missions that are made specifically for you to earn shipments in-game. The “Rise and Shine” mission for example will still include the current rewards but gets a shipment on top that you have to redeem within 24 hours, or else you lose it. It’s a great incentive to check out the game daily, which has been something people have requested frequently.

Units can be obtained through chests. So far, the options will remain the same with the only change being bronze strongboxes offer ten instead of the usual six units. The previously-mentioned patterns are also making a return but this time is earned through each finished stage of the Mega Hive, which adds some much-needed replay value to the mission chain outside of gaining Exotics.

Overall, it’s a great addition and a good reason to jump into the game once a day to level up some characters, finish your challenge cards – especially for the new Spider-Man addition – and get some free cosmetics. They aren’t only restricted to nameplates or skins, as you can also get emotes or takedowns through shipments. I do wish they were given a bit more flair, such as themed box sets with a nice visual rather than just the main redeemable cosmetic but it’s a concept they could build upon. Themed shipments like for the Holidays or to tie into events would make for a great addition later down the road.

Source: Twitch, Play Avengers

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