Daniella Pineda Worked With ‘John Wick’s Stunt Team to Prep for Netflix’s ‘Cowboy Bebop’

cowboy bebop daniella pineda

After a long wait, Cowboy Bebop has finally landed on Netflix. It’s the first live-action adaptation from Tomorrow Studio that’ll kick off a new era of takes to bring these iconic franchises to the popular streaming service. In an interview with Deadline, actress Daniella Pineda talked about what it meant to take on the role of Faye Valentine. In it, she revealed that she initially prepared for the series’ action sequences by working with John Wick‘s stunt team.

It was my first time training for a part. I’ve always liked to workout, but this is not even in the same stratosphere. I started training in Los Angeles with the 87eleven, which is the John Wick stunt team, and that was just so intense. Then we joined Allan Poppleton our head of stunts, who’s incredible. We did rolls. We did sword fighting. We did fist and footwork. It was really rewarding and really intense, and after having gone through that, I have this whole new respect for people who do action film. Thank god for my stunt double, Jayde Rutene

Danielle Pineda

She handles the action quite well if it’s her first time involved with such a project. The action seems to take inspiration from the original anime’s choreography, mostly in Spike’s moves, and John Woo films. There are some hints in the gunplay that might allude to John Wick being an influence, but the franchise has become the new staple for modern action. If they get a second season renewal, it’ll be interesting where they’ll go with the project.

Source: Deadline

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