The Aftermath of ‘Eternals’ May Lead Into ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’

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Marvel Studios continues to expand in new and creative ways. We’ve seen the MCU’s version of Earth changing in ways we never thought possible, such as now a giant Celestial sticking out like marble from the ground. Tiamut the Sleeper has now become a fixture within the MCU after the release of Eternals and his awakening might have led to some curious ripples across the world. With rumors hinting at Atlantis and Namor playing an integral role in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, there’s a good chance this event might cause the unearthing of Atlantis.

In Eternals, we learn that Earth is actually an egg. The otherworldly Celestials are born when planets reach a certain level of population and then bring entire galaxies to life as a result. Tiamut would’ve joined their ranks if the Eternals (which a little help from the Celestial himself) kept him from, well, hatching. The build-up to that moment was in the form of countless earthquakes hinting at the arrival of the event known as The Emergence. The fact that his hand and head start popping out of the planet will certainly leave behind cracks in the planet. So, if Atlantis was hidden away for so long, there’s a chance his awakening might’ve opened up the crack that kept the underwater city hidden.

Of course, if there’s an Earth-altering event that may change the ecosystem we know and love, any scientist is going to explore the aftermath to make sure our planet isn’t falling apart. This might become the catalyst that unleashes the Atlanteans, most notably Namor, out into the world. They are no longer safe from outsiders. Who knows how the Emergence may have also affected their city, as most of the earthquakes seemed to be underwater. Desperation will push anyone to a darker path and if they hint at a Vibranium connection, a conflict is inevitable.

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