‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’: A Desperate War for Vibranium

black panther 2 war

The rumors are pointing that the upcoming Black Panther sequel will introduce the world to Namor and Marvel’s Atlantis. The first hint came when Illuminerdi shared the info that Tenoch Huerta had already gotten cast in the role. The Marvel Cinematic Universe would potentially connect Atlantis with Mayan civilization, which would make it distinct from DC’s Aquaman franchise. Just a few days ago, Production Weekly shared some story plot points that hinted at a war brewing between these two isolated cities. As Wakanda expands to meet the world, Namor’s home country remains hidden from the world. The only question is, why will these two end up in conflict. Well, perhaps that listing may give us our first hint.


Marvel: The Eternals would introduce Atlantis and the Prince of the Seas Namor


There’s a curious line regarding Namor’s human father at the tail end of the description. It states that he went to search for the Vibranium in Antarctica. Sadly, it cuts off there, but it echoes the events from the comics. Winston Churchill sent Ernest Shackleton to find the rare metal there. He would end up falling in love with Princess Fen, and they would give birth to Namor. So, they might be closely following his comic origins. As Atlantis, a highly advanced civilization, was also hidden away in Antarctica, it might be another location where a Vibranium meteorite crashed long ago.

Interestingly enough, Homo Mermanus also had an alien origin, as they are from the water planet Vodan. They may have arrived on Earth a long time ago to find the crashed metal. Yet, they shared their information and mixed it with Mayans that then moved underwater after the fall of their civilization. It could even connect to Chloé Zhao‘s Eternals, who played an integral role in the fall of the first Atlantean city of Lemuria. They fled from the surface world and used past scriptures to uncover the remnants of the meteorite. Yet, unlike Wakanda, where it took root in the fresh soil, the icy environment would not allow the alien meal to take root. So, they would eventually run out.


Marvel Locations: Wakanda Forever - Hero Collector


As Namor took over the throne, the country has reached a boiling point. Their source to keep the city safe is depleting. As such, a tough decision had to be made, and they set out to find the only other known source of the material. They send out some scouts that get caught by the Dora Milaje. It ends up pushing the conflict as they try to uncover the new secret invaders. Namor sees it as an attack and prioritizes the safety of his people. With it, the war for the final source of Vibranium starts. Wakanda faces a threat that no one would’ve seen coming. 

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