‘Marvel’s Avengers’ Spider-Man Eyeing an End of 2021 Release

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Marvel’s Avengers set out to accomplish an interesting goal. Through the Games-as-a-Service model, we would get a continuous expansion of its core roster. We’ve already gotten our hands on Kate Bishop and Clint Barton with Black Panther to release next month. There was also the open question about when we can expect the PlayStation exclusive Spider-Man. In the FKNA podcast, lead animator Anthony Garttmeyer from Crystal Dynamics offered some insight into the game’s development, which included the following line:

Spider-Man is the End of the Year. That is all I can say.

We have to take into account that the lead animator is not involved directly with the approval process. So, we shouldn’t take this as an official confirmation. We’ll most likely get a clearer picture once the Year 2 Roadmap drops this or next month, which could potentially include the character. He is also exclusive for one console. So, it’s uncertain how large his content drop will be and if we might see him get added alongside other content. At one point, PlayStation’s official magazine confirmed a March release but that didn’t pan out as planned.

Garrtmeyer also discusses the details on how long heroes take to get developed, such as around four to eight months until the animation is finished. We have to also keep in mind that early data mines showed that a lot of prep work has been accomplished for the game, which is rather common for the GaaS genre. So, they might have done a lot of prep work to keep a tight timing for the releases. Of course, the pandemic and launch bugs have delayed the game’s initial roadmap. A potential December release would align with Spider-Man: No Way Home, but we’ll have to wait for an official word

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