‘Marvel’s Avengers’ Updates Roadmap and Spider-Man Gets Teased

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Marvel’s Avengers had a rough start, but we’ve been seeing more content drops throughout the last month. They have varied in degree of content size, but we have been getting a monthly output so far, which has been an exciting prospect. Today will kick off the June event focused on the brand new Villain Sector. As we got a chance to face down Monica Rappuccini, we also got an update from Crystal Dynamics about the future content. They took to Twitter and revealed that the release schedule got updated. Patrol Mode will now release after Black Panther. Luckily, the Omega Level Threats, which got teased during launch, will take their July spot. While it isn’t the infamous Cloning Labs, we’ll get the one that originally got teased during Kate Bishop’s Taking Aim storyline. It’ll also include multiplayer Mega Hives, and the Tachyon Anomaly event will now be a permanent addition.

Luckily, it seems that wasn’t all, as Forbes also offered some additional insight into current developments. It confirms that the new OLT will not be a one-to-one recreation of the story mission but feature new challenges. It’s also teased as the toughest piece of content yet for the game. In their official blog, they confirmed that the Super Adaptoid also got an update with new abilities. Many of their recent changes are a reaction to community feedback, such as Monica not being a straightforward fight but includes various mechanics. Future enemies are also a priority moving forward.

It seems the new level cap will release after Black Panther alongside another Omega-Level Threat. They also teased that you might be able to continue your existing builds rather than regrinding for new gear. Loadouts have also been mentioned to allow multiple different set-ups and acknowledged the restrictions of the current set-up. They are also looking into ways to make the regrind easier and add new ways of fleshing out the gameplay loop.

The other confirmation is that we’ll get an addition to the roadmap in the coming month or two. So, it seems likely shortly before or around Black Panther’s release that we’ll find out what the second half of 2021 has in store for us. Forbes also clarified that there were hints that Spider-Man might drop as the next character. They also revealed they have plans up to 2023, and anything can shift. So, there’s a good chance we might find out more with the upcoming Roadmap update.

Source: Twitter, Play Avengers, Forbes

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