Latest ‘Loki’ Featurette Teases Sylvie’s History With The TVA

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Marvel Studios has done a tremendous job promoting their Disney+ shows with a flurry of unique character posters and featurettes releasing throughout the series’ runtime. Most commonly, they would focus on the introduction of new characters or bigger reveals to offer a slight glimpse behind the scenes. Loki continued that tradition with a look at the newly introduced Sylvie, who is played by Sophia Di Martino. She took center stage in the latest episode alongside Tom Hiddleston‘s iconic God of Mischief and it seems the featurette may have given away a lot more than expected.


If you are trying to avoid any details regarding future episodes, only continue at your own risk.



The trailer confirms a few things about future episodes. Sylvie will get caught by the Time Variance Authority in an upcoming episode. She is wearing the same outfit we saw her wear at the end of the third episode. As such, she may get called in after the events and put on trial. We also get a brief glimpse of her as a child. Now, she did mention she knew about her adoption early on, and she barely remembers her family. As such, we theorized that she might be part of the original multiverse and may have never grown up alongside Thor. 

It looks like she was got plucked from the Sacred Timeline as a young child, which explains her backstory. That also confirms why there were documents at the TVA on her. Not just that, it also reveals why she is so focused on getting her close to the Time Keepers and why she had to teach herself how to use enchantments. It seems our theories were unnecessary on her identity, as she truly is a Loki Variant, but we’ll get a closer look at her past in an upcoming episode.

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