Leaked ‘Batgirl’ Set Photos Seems to Hint at Hugo Strange

batgirl hugo strange

After a long wind up, Batgirl has finally begun production. They are currently busy filming in Glasgow. This is now the third Bat-centric DC film to claim Glasgow as its headquarters and background for Gotham City, following The Batman and for a brief time, The Flash. With production preparing for exterior shots, the streets of Glasgow have been transformed into Gotham City with all sorts of vehicles and posters. Already it seems like some set photos found their way online featuring posters that may hint at a more sinister presence behind the scenes in Gotham City.

The set photo teases the existence of the notorious Batman villain, Hugo Strange. A poster on-site with the captions “Excellent! Excellent!” features a man with a striking resemblance to Hugo Strange with a bald head and sinister grin. The only thing missing would be his iconic coke bottle glasses, which seem purposely scratched out.

Hugo Strange first appeared in Detective Comics #36, where he first went up against Batman after using a concentrated lightning machine to cover Gotham City in a thick and dense fog. It allowed his gangs to rob Gotham Cities banks without being seen. Strange was also one of the first Batman villains to figure out his identity. He would later return and begin experiments on insane asylum patients, using growth hormone serums to turn them into giant monsters and send them on a destructive path throughout Gotham city.

The character is still around to this day and made his live-action debut in Gotham, in which he was the root cause of so many villain origins as products of his experiments at the Indian Hill research facility. He also was one of the main antagonists of Batman: Arkham City. It’ll be interesting to see if they are building up his appearance later down the line, or he might have a role in the film.

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