Makkari and Sprite Mention Thanos in New ‘Eternals’ Deleted Scene

eternals deleted scene

We’re only a few days away from the home release of Eternals, which will be made available digitally. It’s also getting a Disney+ release to subscribers that have been waiting for their chance to revisit the Chloé Zhao film. With the release, we also get our first look at some of the bonus features that offer a look at what didn’t quite make it into the film’s theatrical release.

The first deleted scene, as shared by @UPDATESETERNALS offers a discussion between Makkari and Sprite. It takes place around the time they found her in their old spaceship, as she started holding artifacts from human history. They discuss if it’s worth saving humanity with a special focus being given to the Avengers win over Thanos. You can check it out here:

The scene highlights the core message for Sprite’s conflict later on, but also gives us more insight into why Makkari became a hoarder. It would’ve been great if they included this reference in the film to offer a better glimpse into what Makkari was up to all this time. It may have also helped with some people that were a bit surprised by Sprite’s decision later in the film.

Source: Thrillist via Twitter

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