‘Werewolf by Night’s Gael Garcia Bernal Never Auditioned for the Disney+ Special

It’s no denying that Gael Garcia Bernal is a major get for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and many wondered just how he ended up getting a role in a Universal/Hammer-inspired monster flick for Disney. As it turns out, he was actually offered the role directly by long-time Marvel composer and now director, Michael Giacchino. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the Werewolf by Night actor reveals how he got the role for the series and what it was like joining the Marvel family.

It was a direct invitation from [director-composer] Michael Giacchino, and I immediately said yes. It was fantastic to have the opportunity to interpret this character. There are a lot of tangents and a lot of places that this character or this world can lead to. So as soon as Michael told me what he wanted to do and the way he wanted to approach it, I said, “Yeah, let’s do this!” So it’s been great, and I feel really lucky to be in this world of Marvel because of their know-how and infrastructure. We also got to try things out and experiment. So we were taken care of, and I can’t wait to do more with this great opportunity.

Gael Garcia Bernal

The actor also highlighted how having his friend, fellow Disney actor Diego Luna, join him on this journey. He highlighted how he was a great support during his time at D23 when they announced the Werewolf by Night Special Presentation.

When we were at the D23 conference, he was the one who explained to me what was happening because it was my first time. It was quite crazy. But it was fascinating to be around all these other projects and people, and doing a press conference and press junket, in a sense, with all these different films and TV series was incredible. I wish all premieres were like that where the films and series are combined. So it’s been great to have a good friend who’s also living something similar as well.

Diego Luna

Perhaps this might open the doors to Luna also crossing into a new franchise as he’s set to wrap his work on Andor‘s second and final season next year. With more monsters making the rounds within the MCU, perhaps he could join the horror side of the franchise and have these two actors reunite on screen. Of course, we don’t know yet what the future has in store for Bernal in the MCU and hopefully, it won’t be too long before we find out.

Source: THR

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