New ‘Werewolf by Night’ BTS Image Surfaces Online Revealing Practical Man-Thing Suit

werewolf by night man-thing

Werewolf by Night has finally found its way to Disney+. Marvel Studios has long kept mum on the project until D23 when they announced the project and the first teaser confirmed that a long-time Marvel character is finally making his Marvel Cinematic Universe debut. No, not the titular Werewolf but rather the quite popular Man-Thing. He also quickly became a fan favorite after the series’ release and a new behind-the-scenes image from the production has found its way online hinting that the character was practical.

In the BTS image shared by @halldehqs on Twitter, we get a look at the crew including director Michael Giacchino. What sticks out is the giant Man-Thing that is towering behind the crew with glowing red eyes. While there definitely was some CG use in the series, it looks like they had an actual practical suit on the set to bring the character to life. It definitely is a surprise given how Marvel makes use of CG for larger-than-life characters.

Giacchino did hint that they tried to take as many practical directions as they can. So, the fact that the character everyone assumed would be mostly CG had an actual suit is impressive. It’ll be interesting to see if perhaps the productions start integrating more practical elements moving forward, as Marvel Studios has always had the tendency to learn from each project they’ve worked on. We’ll have to see if we might see more of it in other Special Presentations moving forward as well.

Source: Twitter

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