Leaked ‘The Flash’ Promo Reveals New Concept Art and Teases the ‘Flashpoint’-Inspired Storyline

the flash leak

It looks like Comic-Con might have come early. A new video promo for Andy Muschietti‘s The Flash has leaked online, and it reveals quite a bit of new information about the long-delayed solo film. The video starts with franchise star Ezra Miller describing what he loves about his character’s powers. Namely, the fact that a single ability, his famous super-speed, can translate into several different abilities, such as creating tornadoes or traveling through time. They showcase the new concept art of Flash saving a baby in mid-air. Miller then gives confirmation on a detail that’s been rumored since production on the film began: there will be multiple Batmen in the film. Ben Affleck‘s name is not specified.


Director Muschietti eventually takes over, referring to the team of Sasha Calle‘s Supergirl, Miller‘s Flash, and Michael Keaton‘s Batman as a ragtag Justice League. He claims that the group of underdogs is going to save the world as the brand new concept art of Supergirl and Keaton‘s Batman is shown. Supergirl stands on a roof next to Barry with her cape flowing and takes flight to combat an unknown threat. Barry rides in the back of the Batmobile as a “spoiler alert” sign covers up another figure alongside him.

The mysterious new face might belong to that of the figure huddled for safety, possibly the de-powered version of Kal-El from the Flashpoint comic series. It’s also possible the figure under the sign is Wonder Woman, as pausing the footage at the right moment reveals some familiar armored boots and the tip of an equally familiar sword. It’s uncertain how this found its way online, but there is a chance it was prepared for this year’s DC FanDome and a test version of the footage was leaked online.

Source: Twitter

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