Live-Action Adaption of ‘Wayne Family Adventures’ Currently AWOL

The previously announced live-action adaption of Wayne Family Adventures is not an official adaption from DC or Webtoon.
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Just a few weeks ago, Webtoon released the first few digital issues for Batman: Wayne Family Adventures, a webcomic that focused on the everyday life of members of the Batfamily. The comic was an instant hit, giving fans of the characters a peer into the personal lives at Wayne Manor of some of their favorite characters like Cassandra Cain, Duke Thomas, Damian Wayne, Dick Grayson, Stephanie Brown, Jason Todd and Tim Drake.

Fans were excited to learn that the comic was already being developed into a live-action project by Ismahawk studios. The series had kicked off pretty fast, setting a full cast as well as a premier as soon as mid-October. The first look at the project by IGN revealed that, along with the first look at the mini-series, a trailer would debut soon for the project, but that trailer never came. It seems the project has moved a little too fast, associating itself with DC Comics when it never actually was. The promotional stills for the series, and any mention of it, have been wiped from Ismahawk’s social media accounts, but IGN still has their article up.

Collider reached out for an update on the project when a trailer didn’t drop as scheduled. Ismahawk Studios issued a statement regarding the series soon after., confirming that was not an official adaption and was merely inspired by the Webcomic.

“Not an official live-action adaptation of the Batman: Wayne Family Adventures webcomic, and was not announced by DC or WEBTOON. The video was intended to be a short-form series created by Ismahawk, inspired by the webcomic.”

The three-part mini-series was expected to debut this month. It remains to be seen whether or not that’ll still occur.

SOURCE: Collider

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