‘Loki’s Head Writer Michael Waldron Confirms Coordination with ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ Writers

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Spider-Man: No Way Home’s multiversal story seems to be the worst kept secret in the industry. Rumors dropped early that Andrew Garfield, Kristen Dunst, and many more would reprise their roles from past Marvel films in the upcoming threequel. To make matters worse, Alfred Molina confirmed his involvement and return as Doctor Octopus in an interview with Variety.

It seems that we can add Loki‘s Michael Waldron to the list of people hinting at the multiverse storyline. In an interview with The Playlist Podcast, he confirmed that he actively communicated with No Way Home writers Chris McKenna and Eric Summers. In the podcast, he states the following:

Your producing teams are constantly communicating with those producing teams to make sure that you’re not screwing each other up. I had the benefit on Spider-Man: No Way Home, Chris McKenna and Eric Summers wrote that, I was their writer’s PA on Season 5 of Community, so I can call McKenna and get bullied by him whenever I want, but also say ‘Hey, what the hell are you guys doing? Let me make sure I’m not ruining it.’ So there’s communication to the extent that the creative teams themselves, the filmmakers, the writers, whoever, can become friendly, it certainly benefits the projects.

Of course, the multiverse would be the connective tissue they would discuss. Loki‘s final episode unleashed the multiverse, with every possible branch coming into existence. With all the rumors surrounding No Way Home, it makes sense they’ll try to keep it consistent. Plus, Waldron is the writer of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, which will probably build upon the Spider-Man threequel. The collaborative approach makes a lot of sense to keep the world’s rules in line, especially if the multiverse becomes a bigger element moving forward in the current Phase of the MCU.

Source: The Playlist Podcast via The Direct 

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