Marvel Studios Reportedly Considering an Indefinite Delay in Releasing ‘Ironheart’

When Kevin Feige explained that Marvel Studios was looking to modify its streaming plans he meant it. Just 7 months ago, Feige revealed the studio’s ambitious plans for the streaming service in 2023 that included five live-action series spread out throughout the year beginning with Secret Invasion, ending with Agatha: Coven of Chaos and sprinkling Echo, Season 2 of Loki and Ironheart in between. According to a new report from THR, it seems only two of those series are now safe bets to stream in 2023.

While most fans have long since understood that neither Echo nor Agatha: Coven of Chaos would make it to Disney Plus in 2023, THR’s report indicates that Ironheart is no longer guaranteed a slot on this year’s slate. Despite the fact that the project completed production some time ago, THR’s source states that due to tinkering in post-production, and the desire to spread out its content, Marvel Studios may delay the release of Ironheart until 2024.

While Ironheart never had a firm release date (it was only given a Fall 2023 release window), talk of a delay comes as a bit of a surprise. Footage of the series (along with footage of Echo) was screened exclusively at D23 and was incredibly well-received by the audience; however, unlike Echo, Ironheart was never subject to rumors of a troubled production and this new report is the first time news of a delay has been relayed to fans.

Given its relatively trouble-free production, it seems likely that Ironheart’s delay, should it happen, will be more related to a new mandate from Bob Iger, who wants all of Disney’s big brands to be “better at curating” their streaming content. According to an anonymous source, “There is going to be a level of rigor on Marvel and across the entire company. Numbers matter now, and costs are going to be outlined and enforced,” and in Ironheart’s case, it could simply be a matter of using post-production time to ensure the series is of the highest quality when it is released rather than rushing to get it to D+.

Source: THR

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