Marvel Studios to Cut Back on Disney Plus Programming

Not too long ago, it seemed as though rolling out four films and four streaming series might be the norm for Marvel Studios, but 2022 was not without its challenges. For some time now, rumors have swirled that Marvel Studios might look to cut back on the amount of content it releases each year as it learned from its first couple of years of streaming programming. While Kevin Feige isn’t ready to put a number to it, it sounds like fans might be getting back to waiting longer in between projects.

In an interview with EW, Feige was asked about the studio’s ever-expanding library of content, which has become the source of frustration and jokes among fans.

It is harder to hit the zeitgeist when there’s so much product out there — and so much “content,” as they say, which is a word that I hate,” said Feige. “But we want Marvel Studios and the MCU projects to really stand out and stand above. So, people will see that as we get further into Phase 5 and 6. The pace at which we’re putting out the Disney+ shows will change so they can each get a chance to shine.”

When asked to clarify if a change of pace meant spacing out the shows or releasing fewer a year, Feige gave a relatively clear answer, “Both, I think.” Part of that process may be a natural progression as the studio realizes that fans are having a hard time keeping up with all the changes made to characters between appearances. Part of that process may also be the result of a history of productions being rushed to meet timelines. In that regard, Marvel may have learned their lesson and the streaming series Echo may be the first evidence of that. Originally said to be coming to D+ in Summer of 2023, the series seems to have been delayed indefinitely, though not canceled as many rumor-mongers would have you believe.

Surely some more details about changes to the upcoming slate of projects should be forthcoming from Marvel Studios given the fact that they rolled out a two year calendar at SDCC, but until then it looks like fans should start preparing themselves for a little less Marvel every calendar year.

Source: EW

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