Marvel Stuntman Claims Marvel Studios Was “Going to Batgirl” an Upcoming Disney+ Show

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There are always a lot of eyes and ears out there trying to get the latest scoop on whatever Marvel Studios is up to. Rumors have been circulating far and wide that they’ve dragged down the overall experience and likely are a big factor in the “fatigue” discussions online, as we constantly hear reports of things that may never even happen or aren’t even true. Now, it seems a long-time Marvel stuntman, Chris Brewster, is joining the game with a rather curious statement.

Taking part in the Ikuzo Unscripted podcast, the stuntman claims that one of the upcoming Disney+ shows was almost canned, or as he puts it: “They were going to Batgirl it.” The show he’s talking about is nonother than Echo, which was seemingly postponed quite a bit throughout its production as we’ve heard some time ago. While they are still moving forward with the show, he claims that is due to the strike.

Uh, yeah, well, they… I always get the word of mouth. I heard they were going to ‘Batgirl’ it, because they weren’t happy with it and now they’re doing reshoots and are planning on airing it. But I think that could also have something to do with the fact that there’s a strike and there’s not a lot of content right now, so like, ‘We have it made already.

Chris Brewster

While there have been some discussions about not having enough time to make it work by head writer Marion Dayre, the series was delayed quite a bit. Of course, he also mentions reshoots that could make up for a lot of the troubles they faced and if it weren’t for the Internet we likely would’ve never known this. Who knows if the “word of mouth” he’s hearing isn’t also someone hearing it from another and things slightly alter from there. We can’t say if this was just an option on the table in a meeting, or if they generally were looking into the option fully. The drawback of these kinds of stories.

Echo is set to be the first binge drop for the franchise on November 29th, at least for a live-action show. It has big ties to the upcoming Daredevil: Born Again series, which he also complained about not including Netflix’s original production team in the same interview. Though, one could argue that they aren’t tied to having to do the same project the exact same way and have a pool of talent that gave us some great stunts in the past. Plus, we don’t know what direction the production is heading given its many episodes.

Source: Ikuzo Unscripted via The Direct

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