‘One Piece’s Original Japanese Voice Cast to Dub Netflix’s Live-Action Version

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Here’s a rather great surprise, it looks like the original voice cast of the Japanese One Piece series will return for the live-action adaptation heading to Netflix later in August. In a cute video revealed during this year’s Anime Expo, Inaki Godoy met with the original Monkey D. Luffy voice actress, who has been playing the character since 1999, Mayumi Tanaka. In a way, it also acts as a “passing of the torch“, as she also praises Godoy for his work as the character.

Of course, while the rest of the voice cast did not appear in the video, they have confirmed that everyone is set to reprise their iconic roles in the adaptation. Godoy and Taz Skylar also confirmed that they will be reprising their roles in the Spanish dubs as well, which is a great touch given their own cultural background and just adds a little fun. Funny enough, the German voice cast of the anime has also been teased as part of the live-action adaptation.

What a great little surprise to come out of Anime Expo, plus we also had the cast of the live-action One Piece together once more. Cowboy Bebop’s live-action adaptation also featured the original cast but it didn’t have this much of a push besides a short confirmation on Social Media. Netflix seemingly knows what this show is all about and is using the dynamic of this cast, and now having the voice since 1999 of the iconic lead passing on a straw hat. Hard to deny, there’s a lot of hope to see this show succeed.

Watch the video here:

Source: YouTube

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