‘The Umbrella Academy’s Final Season Adds Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally

umbrella academy final season

One of Netflix’s biggest releases is about to wrap up with its final season, as The Umbrella Academy is gearing up to start filming soon. The series made quite a splash for the streaming service as it continued to grow with big-name IPs. Sadly, we’re about to see it come to an end but it seems like they are going all out with the final season.

ET has shared that Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman have joined Umbrella Academy. The actually married couple is set to play “a mild-mannered married couple named Jean and Gene, who are college professors” in the upcoming final season. Mullally revealed it to ET during the premiere of Party Down’s third season though she also highlights that “the deal’s not quite closed but let’s just pretend it is.”

It’s quite a power move to just reveal that you’re cast in a big-budget show without having finalized the deal, but the power couple certainly can. Nick Offerman was just recently in the spotlight for his mesmerizing performance in The Last of Us and it’s great to see him already eyeing his next project. Mullally also revealed that she was the one o convince her husband to take on the role, as he almost would’ve passed on it due to being so busy.

Source: ET

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