CW’s ‘Powerpuff’ Adds Robyn Lively and Tom Kenny

powerpuff tom kenny

CW continues its work on the live-action adaptation of Craig McCracken‘s iconic superhero trio from Townsville. Now retitled Powerpuff, the upcoming series will follow Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup in their 20s. The Cartoon Network adaptation will see Chloe BennetDove Cameron, and Yana Perreault take center stage as the series’ heroines. We’ll also get introduced to Mojo Jojo Jr. He will be played by Nicholas Podany. It looks like they are continuing to round out the cast, as Robyn Lively will join the production as Sara Bellum. She was played by Jennifer Martin in the cartoon. It’ll be interesting to see if they will continue the running gag that her face is off-camera in the show, but now that the girls are adults, it will be a bit trickier to pull it off.

There is also one character making a grand return from the original series, s Tom Kenny will reprise his role as the Narrator from the 1998 and 2016 versions. We don’t know if he will continue to voice the intro to every episode. There is a chance it is simply a node to the cartoon in the pilot. We know that the three will wear costumes close to that from the original. So, it could be that the first episode plays with the conventions of the original before pulling us into am ore adult version of these character’s life.

Source: Deadline

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