‘MARVEL’S AVENGERS’ New Roadmap Offers First Glimpse at Spider-Man

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It’s been a long wait but Crystal Dynamics finally dropped the updated roadmap that teases what is heading our way in the coming months. Not just that, we even got a full State of the Game blog that updates us on where exactly the game is. In the roadmap, we got the tease that the Spider-Man update will release alongside the game’s first Raid which will see your team of Avengers face off against Klaw one more time. It’ll include a new enemy type called Echoes and a Power Level increase. Now, the big takeaway here is that this will come alongside the long-awaited release of Spider-Man, who even has a brief tease in the roadmap.

An image showing our upcoming content roadmap.

@PlayAvenger was able to get a high-res version of the brief tease he has in the image facing off against Klaw. It’s curious that the character is titled as a “New Hero Event” and is not getting his own focus like in the past.

The first thing that catches our eye is that Spidey has his classic suit. So, that’s likely his base design staying true to what made the character iconic. Of course, he’ll likely release with some minor story elements, but the naming does highlight that this is only on PlayStation and probably gets a special focus as a result of it.

Now, let’s get to the rest of the roadmap. It’s a bit slim overall, as we have no mention of Patrol Mode or even the mysterious Cloning Labs. The only mention is that news will follow once they have something concrete. Still, it seems they finally will give us our first Raid in the form of a mission titled “Discordant Sound.” It’ll also act as a final arc in his story from War for Wakanda expansion. New enemy types known as Echoes will spawn from the big bad. The blog highlights that this will also give us our first real glimpse at what the future of the game has in store for us.

2022 will have a stronger focus on cinematic content, but they remain vague on what they have in store. The big focus is the rework of their base structures that includes gear, resources, and earnable comestics. It’s great they are setting a clearer focus, but it does feel a bit empty in comparison to the last roadmap without any actual months. Still, the Disney+ Nameplate challenge for Hawkeye would hint that these elements are eyeing a November release alongside the show’s premiere.

Source: Play Avengers, Twitter

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