RUMOR: Netflix Rebooting ‘POKÈMON: DETECTIVE PIKACHU’ To Tie Into New TV Series

detective pikachu reboot

Here’s a curious rumor. In July, Lucifer‘s Joe Henderson was hired by Netflix to develop a live-action adaptation of Pokémon for the streaming service. It looks like they may have some bigger plans, as Illuminerdi shared the news that they’re also looking to develop a film that interconnects with the ongoing series. They do not go into detail but they do word that it won’t be a continuation of the popular Detective Pikachu film but act like a reboot. It’s uncertain if this means it’s an actual reboot of the 2019 film, or rather simply meant as a reboot of the franchise overall as they also highlight that no continuation of the Warner Bros. film by Rob Letterman is planned.

It makes sense they’ll reboot the franchise from scratch. However, it seems unlikely the film will release ahead of the TV series. It seems like a safer bet to establish the world, as they might try to include hints at a bigger picture. It would be great if they utilize these films as highlights of side characters arcs, or even as the tournament to end a seasonal arc on a high note.

It won’t be cheap adapting this unique world filled with creatures that state their own name in repetition. The film did an amazing job selling a living and breathing world filled with Pokémon and it’ll be interesting if Netflix takes a different direction to make it stand out from the previous entry. The combination of realism with the cartoon designs worked surprisingly well but they might take a very different direction. It’ll join a variety of Netflix series eyeing a live-action adaptation of Anime and it won’t be the last.

Source: Illuminerdi

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