Disney’s ‘HAUNTED MANSION’ Reboot Adds ‘LOKI’s Owen Wilson

haunted mansion owen wilson

It looks like Owen Wilson has eyed a few more projects together with Disney, as Hollywood Reporter revealed that the Loki actor will star in the upcoming reboot of Haunted Mansion. It’ll join another popular adaptation of one of Disney’s popular theme park rides. Director Justin Simien is famous for his work on Dear White People and Bad Hair Day, but the upcoming horror-comedy will be his first big-budget adaptation. It’s our first update on the film since LaKeith Stanfield and Tiffany Haddish joined the project back in July.

The story still remains under wraps, but it’ll not venture too far away from the 2003 film featuring Eddie Murphy. It’ll explore a family that moves into the titular mansion that is being, you guessed it, haunted. It’s eyeing an October production start in Atlanta. Disney just recently had a successful launch with Jungle Cruise and seems to be eyeing various theme park attractions. They just recently greenlit a sequel and we might see many more get adapted.

There’s also the Pirates of the Caribbean reboot that’s been in production for some time, which was announced back in June 2020. Margot Robbie and Christina Hodson joined the project and will revive the popular franchise that may have been their most successful adaptation of a park ride-themed film. It’ll be curious if Haunted Mansion‘s success might also see potential sequels moving forward.

Source: Hollywood reporter

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