‘DOCTOR STRANGE’ Sequel Wraps Production on Reshoots

doctor strange 2 reshoots

It looks like Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness has wrapped production on its reshoots, as makeup artist Tricia Sawyer took to her Instagram to share that they’ve wrapped up production and aren’t “Strange anymore.” Kevin Feige hinted that the original production ended back in April. So, they must’ve entered production on reshoots at some point in the last few months and just finished up. Whatever they may have adapted, the Scarlet Witch is definitely involved.

In the photo, she’s standing next to Elizabeth Olsen as they celebrate the production’s end. The film is set to premiere in March and after Shang-Chi‘s recent success, it seems unlikely they’ll postpone any future releases. It’s ending now gives the film plenty of time to work on the special effects ahead of its release. The film will explore potentially a variety of dimensions that may offer very unique designs. We can’t wait to see how it mixes things up once Strange explores the very multiverse he may have had a hand in creating.

There’s still a lot of question surrounding the project. Marvel Studios has been keeping a tight lip on the film’s production, especially with Doctor Strange’s appearance in the near future. What If…? only recently explore an alternative dimension version of the character, who might even potentially appear in the live-action film. He’ll also appear in Spider-Man: No Way Home and had a very prominent role in the first trailer. It’s uncertain how that’ll fit into the ever-expanding multiverse but here’s hoping we get a tease sooner rather than later.

Source: Instagram, ScreenRant

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