‘Marvel’s Midnight Suns’ Faces Another Delay, May Not Release Until 2023

midnight suns delay

Well, it looks like the wait for Marvel and Firaxis’ upcoming tactical RPG, Midnight Suns, which offers a unique take on the iconic superhero gaming franchise will have o wait just a bit longer. Firaxis’ parent company, Take-Two, has revealed during an earnings call that they have decided to push back the upcoming game Midnight Suns once again. This delay makes it the second time the game has required more time to be worked on and the vague “later this fiscal year” has raised some eyebrows.

For those that might not know, a fiscal year isn’t the natural year that ends in 2022. In fact, the fiscal year for Take-Two doesn’t end until March 2023, which adds the potential delay could be until next year. Midnight Suns offers a promising look at Marvel’s mystical side with some familiar faces joining the fray to take on whatever threat is heading towards Earth.

Delays haven’t been too uncommon as of late, especially due to the nature of COVID making production cycles far less predictable. While some may not be happy to hear that the wait may be quite a bit longer, especially with a vague timeline given this time around, it does give the development team enough time to bring the project to life. In an industry plagued by crunch time, similarly to the VFX industry, this hopefully means the team also gets some time rather than continue having to push through endless hours.

Source: IGN

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